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National Postdoctoral Association

The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) is a professional association that serves as a resource and a voice for postdoctoral fellows.  Northwestern University (NU) is proud to be a sustaining member. A FREE affiliate membership with access to members-only web content is available to all NU Postdoctoral Scholars. Anyone with a valid NU email address ( can sign-up as an affiliate member. Click here to request your affiliate membership.

The NPA is a valuable resource on postdoctoral issues and for professional and leadership development. They also offer opportunities to further develop professional and leadership skills by serving on any of their seven membership committees or running for a seat on the executive board.

Benefits of an affiliate membership to the NPA include:

  • Subscriptions (NPA E-Alerts and POSTDOCket, the NPA’s quarterly newsletter)
  • Professional & Leadership Development
  • Access to Members-Only Content  
  • Contribute Your Ideas
  • Annual Meeting Discount     
  • Retirement Plan (via MetLife Personal Pension Builder)
  • National Representation
  • Elsevier Advancing Postdoc Women Clearinghouse

Additionally, the International Postdoc Survival Guide provides extensive information and resources including the Beginners Guide to Income Taxes, published by the NPA.

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