Business for Scientists Certificate

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, The Graduate School, and the Kellogg School of Management offer Northwestern University postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to participate in Kellogg's Business for Scientists Executive Education Program. This five-day certificate program will introduce business concepts, industry specific tools, accounting, strategy, finance, marketing and management programming.

Led by Kellogg faculty members, this course will be held July 8th-12th, 2019 on Northwestern’s Chicago campus.


Only current Northwestern postdoctoral fellows are eligible to apply for this program. We will not accept applications from postdoctoral fellows from other universities. An applicant must be a postdoctoral fellow at the time of application as well as during the July course.

Applicants must have a University-designated title of Postdoctoral Fellow to be considered:

  • Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Postdoctoral Fellow-Dept. of Education
  • NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Please note: If you are currently engaged in mentored postdoctoral training and you do not have one of the University-designated titles listed above, please provide a Letter of Verification from either your direct advisor, another advisor/co-mentor, or the department administrator indicating that you are currently engaged in mentored postdoctoral training at Northwestern.

This course is designed for those with training from a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) discipline. If you have questions about eligibility, please contact the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.


The next application period will open in early 2019.  Postdoctoral fellows interested in applying should submit all application materials through the online application system, which will be accessible once application period is open.  Applications must include the following components:

  • Applicant Information
  • CV/resume (Limit of 4 pages)
  • List of any courses or programs taken in the last 5 years in the areas of business, management, leadership, or accounting/finance and an explanation of how this training would be different
  • Statement of Purpose (Limit of 750 words)
    • why you wish to participate in the program
    • how this program will augment your postdoctoral training at Northwestern
    • how this program will help you to achieve your career goals
  • Research Abstract (Limit of 250 words)
    • includes a description of research question, hypothesis, approach, significance and potential impact
    • does not include heavy use of jargon
  • Advisor/Supervisor Letter of Support (Please note: This letter can be provided by your direct supervisor, a co-mentor, or another faculty member that serves in an advisory capacity for your mentored postdoctoral training at Northwestern University.)

All application materials must be submitted through the online application system, which will be accessible once the application period is open.  All postdocs must apply through the process arranged by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs in order to be considered for placement in this course. Applications must be submitted on time. There are a limited number of spots available for placement, and therefore late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Selection Process

A review committee assembled by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs will consider applications.

All components of the application will be reviewed with the following criteria equally taken into consideration:

  • Ability to connect BSEE with training and career goals 
  • Academic/scholarly achievement 
  • Clarity and quality of communication

Selection Notification, Course Registration and Fees

Chosen applicants will be notified and will be given instructions for registration at that time.  The registration fees for postdoctoral fellows selected to participate in this course will be covered by The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and The Graduate School. Postdocs selected to participate will not have to pay any course fees.  The OPA and TGS will not cover course fees for any individuals applying for this course by any means other than the OPA application process outlined here.