Other Training Grants at Northwestern University

These grants provide support for training master’s degree students, predoctoral students (PhD or combined doctoral degree (e.g., MD/PhD)), postdoctoral scholars and or junior faculty members — in exciting, important areas of research and training. Trainee appointments must meet the eligibility requirements set by the funding organization, be mentored by a faculty member/preceptor participating in the training program, and be chosen through the individual training program’s selection process.

  • American Heart Association (AHA)
  • NIH K Career Development Awards (e.g., NIH K12)
  • NIH Mentored Career Development Award (e.g., NIH KL2)

The following training grants are currently active at Northwestern University:

Training Grant Title Program Director Trainee Type
A Chicago Center of Excellence in Learning Health Systems Research Training (ACCELERAT) K12 Abel Kho Junior faculty
American Heart Association Strategically Focused Prevention Network Fellowship Mercedes Carnethon Postdoctoral fellows
American Heart Association Strategically Focused Disparities Network Fellowship Clyde Yancy Postdoctoral fellows
Engineering Career Development Center in Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences Julius Dewald Junior faculty
Multidisciplinary Mentored Career Development Program (KL2) Richard Pope Junior faculty
Northwestern University Patient-Centered Intervention and Engagement Training (NU-PATIENT K12) David Cella Junior faculty
Research Career Development in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Serdar Bulun Junior faculty
Research Education Program for Trainees in Neurology (R25) John Kessler Medical residents