The Benefits of Mentoring

The benefits of mentoring affect both mentor and mentee.  In the end, the mentee should feel strengthened by the experience, able to see things with greater clarity, have a defined career path, and the professional skill set to move forward independently. The mentor should experience the satisfaction that comes from giving back, knowing that they’ve positively guided another towards their own self-discovery, and that they’ve actively participated in the chain of knowledge.

Please review the list below to learn more about the benefits of mentoring. If you would like more information, please email Tracy C. Davis.

The Benefits


  • Cultivating collaborators for current and future projects.
  • Sharing competencies across cohorts.
  • Enhanced lab productivity and efficiency.
  • Optimizing preparation for tenure and promotion.
  • Learning from peers and mentee’s experiences.
  • Supporting the Provost’s initiatives on undergraduate research.
  • Sharing successes with the goals and experiences met by your mentee.
  • Recognition of your own expertise.


  • Understanding more about the support offered by your advisor.
  • Increased clarity on career path.
  • Growing knowledge and experience under expert guidance.
  • Research experiences guided to a higher level.
  • Developing and strengthening more connections at Northwestern and beyond.
  • Building a stronger professional skill set.
  • Reflecting with others on growing competencies and challenges.
  • Building stronger networking contacts.