Professional Development Funding

Internal Grants for Professional Development Programming

The below grants provide resources to help support graduate student professional development in various contexts. 

TGS Co-Sponsorship Grant

The Graduate School considers formal requests from graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, staff, and other units to co-sponsor events, programs, and/or initiatives that clearly benefit postdoctoral fellows and graduate students in The Graduate School. 

WCAS/TGS Teaching Fellowship

The WCAS/TGS Teaching Fellowship recognizes two graduate students who display exceptional teaching skills at Northwestern. Fellows receive a $2,000 stipend to teach a WCAS Freshman Seminar in their programs and are mentored and supported by a designated faculty member and a Searle staff member prior to and during the course.

Paid Graduate Student Opportunities 

The below opportunities are not graduate assistantships, but rather supplement TGS or other assistantship funding through professional development opportunities. See each website for specific application information. 

Assistant Master position at the Residential Colleges

Brady Scholars Program Graduate Student Fellowship 

CIERA's Gk-12 Reach for the Stars Computational Models for Teaching and Learning in Physics, Astronomy and Computer Science

Graduate Teaching Fellowship at Searle Center for  Advancing Learning and Teaching

Graduate Teaching Mentors at Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching

Graduate Writing Fellow at The Graduate Writing Place

Instructor in the International Summer Institute/English Language Programs

Kaplan Affiliates Program at The Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities

Leadership Fellowship through the Center for Leadership

Peer Mentor in the International Summer Institute/English Language Programs

Tutor in the International Summer Institute/English Language Programs


For information on assistantships, including cross-disciplinary assistantships with partners around campus, see the Assistantships pages