Mellon Cluster Programming Catalyst Grant

The Mellon Cluster Programming Catalyst provides Mellon clusters in the Humanities and Non-Quantitative Social Sciences with resources to support innovative programming that benefits graduate students and furthers the goals of the clusters.


Students and/or faculty can apply with the endorsement of a cluster Director. Applications involving combinations of clusters, centers, degree programs, departments, etc. are strongly encouraged; proposals that demonstrate coordination between multiple units will be given top priority in the awarding process.


  • Deadline for Fall 2018 (or later) events:  Monday, June 11, 2018


The maximum amount per proposal is $5000. Funding requests are considered for events taking place in the current fiscal year.

Review Process and Criteria:

Applications are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • The number of graduate students who will benefit from the program/event and the extent to which they will be involved.
  • How much visibility the program/event will bring to the Mellon cluster(s), University, TGS, and/or graduate programs.
  • Sufficient level of financial or in-kind support from other sources (cluster operating funds, department, school, centers, etc.) to adequately sustain the programming. A statement indicating whether partial funding will be acceptable if full funding is not possible and, if applicable, a minimum funding amount required and from where additional funding would be obtained.
  • Innovative ideas that support the involvement of graduate students and faculty in clusters, enhance the intellectual community of clusters, and further the interdisciplinary mission of the Mellon cluster programs.

Application Instructions:

The completed application form should be sent via email, by the deadline, to Kate Veraldi.  In completing your application, please be as specific and detailed as possible, particularly in itemizing costs in the budget. An endorsement by the cluster Director must accompany the application, either as a brief letter attached to the application or an email sent directly to Kate Veraldi by the application deadline. Submissions without a letter of support from the appropriate cluster Director will not be considered.

The committee will notify applicants approximately four weeks following the deadline. Groups that are awarded funds are expected to supply a chart string into which funds can be transferred. Funds must be administered by the department/program hosting the project/event 

Award Administration and Reporting:

Awardees must include the credit line, "Supported in part by TGS Catalyst Grant" on marketing materials. Awardees must also submit a brief report no more than one month following the event/program. This report must include:

  • Brief description of events(s)/program(s) supported by the Mellon Cluster Catalyst Grant
  • A summary of event attendance (number of attendees,  participant demographics and programs represented)
  • An expense report detailing how funds were used and the amount of unused funds, if any. (A list of expenses and amounts will suffice; receipts are not required). Programs/groups that do not use the grant for the purposes specified in the proposal will be asked to return the funds


Email Kate Veraldi for more information.