Interdisciplinary Conference Travel Grants for Mellon Affiliated Students

Students actively affiliated with the Mellon clusters in the Humanities and Non-Quantitative Social Sciences are eligible for travel support to attend conferences and/or seminars and make presentations on behalf of the University. This is intended to support the presentation of research at conferences not specifically in the student’s home discipline but rather allied to the interdisciplinary range of a Mellon cluster. This is not intended to support attending courses at other schools, research, or general educational travel.


  • Students must apply 30 days prior to the first date of travel.
  • Funds for travel are awarded for the academic year starting September 1 and ending August 31 (or until funds are depleted).  Funds for travel after September 1 cannot be awarded until the new fiscal year (after September 1). Students who are attending conferences after September 1st must still apply 30 days in advance.
  • Under no circumstances will approval be given retroactively if an application is submitted after the conference has begun.


  • Students must be registered and in good academic standing in PhD programs administered by The Graduate School (TGS), involved with the activities of at least one Mellon cluster, and within their degree time limitation.
    • Students may utilize grant funds only while students in The Graduate School at Northwestern.  Should students graduate or otherwise depart the University prior to travel and/or expenditure of funds, funds must be returned to The Graduate School.
  • Conference should be allied to the interdisciplinary range of a Mellon cluster.
  • Students must have completed at least three quarters of full-time study in their PhD program.
  • Applications must be endorsed by the Director of the Mellon cluster with which the applicant is affiliated.
  • Students are eligible to receive one award per fiscal year and two during their TGS career. (Note that this is in addition to the CTG allotment)
  • It is not necessary to secure commitments from other University sources (the home department or school).
  • Funds will not be awarded retroactively.
  • Students must apply 30 days in advance of the first day of travel. Applications received less than 30 days in advance of the first date of travel will not be considered.


The maximum award is $1000.

Application Instructions:

1. Complete an ICTG application 

Complete an Interdisciplinary Conference Travel Grant application.  Once you submit the application, it will be forwarded to your cluster’s Director for approval.

2. Cluster Director’s approval

Your cluster’s Director will receive an email once you submit the online application form. Approval indicates that the cluster Director has vetted the application and verified your active affiliation with the cluster.

3. Program review

After the cluster’s Director has approved, the financial contact in your program will be asked to enter a chart string into which the ICTG funds should be transferred.

4. TGS approval

Once your program has reviewed your application, it will be sent to TGS. An application is not approved unless it is approved by both the cluster’s Director and TGS.


For more information, please email:

Graduate Student International Conference Travel

Students traveling internationally should review the information posted on the Office of Global Safety and Security’s website, including:

For questions or concerns about international travel health, safety, or security, contact the staff of the OGSS.