Dependent Care Professional Development Grant

The Dependent Care Professional Development Grant provides taxable funds to assist PhD and MFA students with dependents in order to participate, as fully as possible, in professional meetings, conferences, workshops, research-related travel, and professional development opportunities, such as networking events, invited speakers, panel discussions.


The Dependent Care Professional Development Grant is awarded on a rolling basis throughout the academic year, September 1 – August 31, or until all available funds have been awarded. Students should apply no more than 3 months in advance of the event, and not after the event. A retroactive request will not be approved after an event. The earlier an application is received, the sooner the application can be reviewed and funds provided (if awarded).


Students in The Graduate School who are active and enrolled in a PhD or MFA program and who have one or more dependents may apply for a grant. Qualifying dependents include:

  • A child under 18 who is in your custody;
  • A spouse/partner who is incapable of self-care; and/or
  • A dependent who lives with you, such as an adult child, a parent, sibling, or in-law who is incapable of self-care and whom you claim as a dependent on your tax return.


The Dependent Care Professional Development Grant can cover the cost of:

  • Additional dependent care at home
  • Onsite dependent care
  • Transportation of a dependent and/or caregiver

When students are participating in activities including:

  • Professional meetings, conferences, and/or workshops
  • Professional development programs, such as networking events, invited speaking events, dissertation boot camps, panel discussions, etc.
  • Travel to visit to archives, perform fieldwork, and/or other non-regular travel related to research

Eligible students may receive up to $750 per academic year (September 1– August 31), either in a single award or multiple awards that total $750.

The Dependent Care Professional Development Grants are paid through the regular payroll system and considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service. Grants will be grossed up to assist with the potential tax liability.

Application Instructions

To apply for the grant, students must complete the online Dependent Care Grant application at least 30 days prior to the intended travel or event date.

This grant is considered a separate grant from the Conference Travel Grant. Students may apply for both grants simultaneously.  

Award Notification

Students will receive notice of a decision within 1-2 weeks after receipt of their application. An email will notify the student of the awarded dollar amount.


Please email with any questions.