SROP Research Guidelines

Expectations for Participating Students and Faculty Mentors

SROP participants must be prepared to make a full-time commitment to their research. Participants are expected to:

  • Contact their faculty mentor before the start of the summer session to discuss the research project and ask for reading material.
  • Work on their research for at least 30-40 hours per week.
  • Meet with their faculty mentor on a weekly basis.
  • Attend all activities and events published in the SROP Calendar.
  • Complete and submit all assignments, evaluations, and other documents on time.
  • Prepare and submit a research paper based on the SROP project.
  • Prepare and deliver an oral or poster presentation at the SROP Research Forum.
  • Refrain from taking classes (academic classes or test prep classes) and working a job during the SROP session.

Faculty mentors are expected to:

  • Help design and monitor the full-time research project for their student.
  • Work with the student on an abstract, outline, rough draft, and final paper based on the research.
  • Work with the student on an oral or poster presentation in preparation for the SROP Research Forum.
  • Permit time in the student's research schedule for meetings required of all SROP participants.
  • Provide a detailed evaluation of the student's performance at the mid-point and end of the program.