Nondegree Status

Applicants may apply for nondegree seeking status through The Graduate School (TGS) or through the School of Professional Studies. Before applying for nondegree seeking status, please familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of each status listed below.

The Graduate School's Nondegree Special Student Status

(possible transfer of credits to TGS)

Applicants for Nondegree Special Student status within TGS must meet the admission requirements and standards that apply to applicants of regular degree programs. If you are granted Nondegree Special Student status, you may register for graduate courses with the permission of the course instructor and your program’s Chair.

Your enrollment as a Nondegree Special Student does not constitute admission to any degree program in TGS. Courses taken as a Nondegree Special Student may be accepted to satisfy graduate degree or residency requirements, if approved by TGS and your admitting program. In no case will residency credit in a nondegree program be granted for more than the equivalent of one full quarter of work taken as a Nondegree Special Student.

Current Nondegree Special Students who wish to be considered for transfer to a degree program should use the standard application for admission. 

The School of Professional Studies' Office of Special Students

(may not transfer credits to TGS)

Students may, with permission, enroll in graduate courses at Northwestern and earn credits that might be transferred to degree programs in other institutions. No part of such coursework will be accepted toward any program in TGS. Admission for this category of special student is administered through the Office of Special Students in the School of Professional Studies, entirely outside of TGS.

If you are interested in this form of study, including attending classes during Summer Session, you should NOT use the standard application for admission. Inquiries should be directed to the School of Professional Studies, Office of Special Students, Northwestern University; telephone 847-491-5611; e-mail