Regulations Governing Recipients of University Assistance

Newly admitted applicants must use the online application enrollment tool to officially accept or decline the University’s offer of admission. The act of accepting admission also signifies the acceptance of the University’s financial award.* The enrollment tool is accessible via the online application.

  1. All recipients of University funding must meet the following conditions. If any of the conditions specified in this document are violated, financial assistance may be withdrawn by The Graduate School (TGS).
  2. Submit to TGS official transcripts listing all prior undergraduate and graduate coursework undertaken and degrees awarded.
  3. Continuously register as a full-time graduate student.
  4. Maintain at least a “B” average each quarter.
  5. Keep records free of incomplete grades.
  6. Refrain from remunerative work, unless a written request for a waiver is approved by TGS. See the Permission to Work Policy for more information.
  7. Notify TGS Financial Aid Office and home department (via email) of other sources of support, such as an external award, traineeship, teaching assistantship, research assistantship, School of Continuing Studies teaching, or other fellowship. In cases where alternative funding is available, The Graduate School’s financial award may be adjusted.
  8. Be aware that funding beyond five academic years is not guaranteed, but the program to which you are being admitted may have other policies;
  9. Adhere to all regulations as stipulated on The Graduate School web site and in the University Student Handbook.

* In unique instances, applicants may chose to accept admission but decline the University’s financial offer.  In this circumstance, the applicant should initially accept the admission and financial award using the online system. After which, the applicant should notify the department and The Graduate School Financial Aid Office (via email) that the financial offer is being turned down. The Graduate School will then update the applicant’s financial record to reflect this fact.

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