Reproductive Science and Medicine Degree Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School's Policy Guide.

Courses Units
Required Courses-Thesis and Non-Thesis Tracks
REPR_SCI 405: Female Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology 1
REPR_SCI  406: Human Reproductive Development 1
REPR_SCI  407: Male Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology 1
REPR_SCI 420: Human Reproductive Health and Disease 1
REPR_SCI 425: Responsible Conduct of Research in Reproductive Science 1
REPR_SCI 455: Research Proposals 1
REPR_SCI 497: Assessment and Career Planning 1
Required Research Courses- Non-Thesis track
REPR_SCI 442: Reproductive Research I 2
REPR_SCI 443: Reproductive Research II 2
TGS 512: Summer Research (optional) 1
Required Research Courses- Thesis Track
REPR_SCI 440: Reproductive Technologies Laboratory 1
REPR_SCI 590: Research 3
REPR_SCI 591: Thesis research 1-3
TGS 512: Summer research 1

Electives (Optional)

  1. Students may choose from a variety of electives to complete their degree. Electives enable students to tailor their degree to professional and personal interests by developing a focus area and/or achieve breadth. Electives span several topics:

    i. Anthropology
    ii. Public Health
    iii. Medical Humanities and Bioethics
    iv. Clinical Investigation
    v. Health Informatics
    vi. Statistics
    vii. Gender Studies
    viii. Epidemiology
    ix. Life Sciences
Total Required Units 11-15
Other MS Degree Requirements- Thesis Track
  • Examinations: A written thesis and public presentation are in lieu of a final examination.
  • Research/Projects: Students are required to join a thesis lab during winter quarter of their first year.
  • Master's Thesis: The MS-RSM Program requires a final written thesis submitted during the student’s final quarter in the program.

Other MS Degree Requirement-Non-Thesis Track

  • Examinations: Students will write a research proposal as the final examination to earn the MS degree.

  • Research/Projects: Students are not required to perform research for the degree. Students have the option to complete research during the summer quarter after required courses and the final examination are complete.

  • Master's Thesis: The non-thesis track does not require a master’s thesis.