Degree Types: PhD

Students admitted to the PhD Program in Music pursue academic coursework and write a dissertation in one of four fields: Music Theory & Cognition, Music Education, Musicology, or Composition & Technology. Each field allows for considerable flexibility and elective options, including a cognate field.

The program trains students in music research and prepares them for academic careers in music studies and related disciplines. Recommended curricula aim for a balance between specialized studies and interdisciplinary research, and students gain teaching experience at various levels. Participation in program colloquia engages students in current disciplinary issues and introduces them to external scholars. 

Students entering the program with a master's degree in music studies normally require two years of full-time study to complete the coursework, and those entering with a bachelor's degree require three.

Students in this program are also encouraged to participate in TGS’s Interdisciplinary Initiative program. For more information on how you can have a second intellectual “home” outside of your department or program please visit the Interdisciplinary Clusters page. 

See Music Degree Requirements for specific classes and milestones needed to complete this program.

Students interested in the Doctor of Musical Arts or the Master of Music Degree should refer to the Bienen School of Music website.

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