Management and Organizations and Sociology Degree Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.


Course Requirements

To complete the doctoral program, the following courses must be taken (waivers and substitution with the approval of both program advisors):

1. Two seminars in sociological theory from the following:

  • SOCIOL - 406-1 Classical Theory in Sociological Analysis
  • SOCIOL - 406-2 Modern Theory in Sociological Analysis
  • SOCIOL - 406-3 Contemporary Theory in Sociological Analysis

2. Two organizational analysis seminars:

  • MORS 425-1 Behavior in Organization Systems
  • MORS 425-2 Organizations in their Environments

3. Six seminars in social organization from the following (at least 3 in Sociology and 2 in MORS):

  • SOCIOL - 408 Sociology of Law
  • SOCIOL - 416 New Perspectives on Gender in Society
  • SOCIOL - 420 Sociology of Culture
  • SOCIOL - 437 Economic Sociology
  • SOCIOL - 439 Comparative and Historical Sociology
  • SOCIOL - 440 Stratification, Race and Gender
  • SOCIOL - 441 Social Organization
  • SOCIOL - 476 Topics in Sociological Analysis (can be repeated for credit)
  • MORS - 424-1 The Individual and the Organization
  • MORS - 424-2 Social Processes in Organizations
  • MORS - 520/530 MORS Electives Seminar (can be repeated for credit)

4. Two method seminars:

  • SOCIOL - 403 Field Methods
  • MORS - 426 Macro-Organizational Research Methods.

5.Three statistics courses

  • Basic descriptive and inferential statistics, linear and non-linear regression, event history analysis, time series modeling, network analysis, or other quantitative methods course depending on research needs and prior training. Can be taken at any Northwestern Department.

6.Seminar in College Teaching

  • SOCIOL - 570. This seminar, or its equivalent, is required to TA for undergraduate sociological classes.

7.Graduate Research Seminar (MORS) and Proseminar (Sociology)

  • Students are required to participate in these not-for-credit seminars.

Other PhD Degree Requirements

  • Examinations: preliminary examination taken in second year
  • Research/Projects: research paper begun at end of first year and completed by end of second year; should showcase student's mastery of substantive area and provide demonstration of original empirical research on a question drawn from both departments
  • PhD Dissertation: for admission to candidacy, presentation of dissertation proposal to qualifying examination committee consisting of faculty members from both departments and appointed by The Graduate School
  • Final Evaluations: none specified