Life Sciences and Public Health Dual Degree Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.


Courses Units
Courses required by DGP for PhD component
Core courses
Core classes (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Statistics) 4
Specialization courses - in one of the following fields
Classes in Immunology and/or Microbial Pathogenesis (IMP) or Cancer Biology 2
MPH classes for which DGP credit is given 2
Total DGP courses: 6
Courses required by Public Health for MPH Component 14
Required Courses 9
Pub Hlth 301 Behavior, Society and Health 1
Pub Hlth 302 Introduction to Biostatistics 1
Pub Hlth 303 Environmental Health Sciences 1
Pub Hlth 304 Introduction to Epidemiology 1
Pub Hlth 310 Topics in Public Health 0
Pub Hlth 410 Field Experience in Public Health 1
Pub Hlth 550 Seminar in Public Health Research 1
Pub Hlth 560 Culminating Experience in Public Health *
HEMA 440 Introduction to Health Industry Management 1
Electives 5
Up to two electives may be chosen from the following:
DGP 440 Immunology **
DGP 442 Microbiology **
DGP 475 Virology**
DGP 480 Molecular Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis **
DGP 433 Advanced Microbial Pathogenesis **
DGP 403 Advanced Immunology **
DGP 450 Tumor Cell Biology **
The remaining three electives must be chosen from among the following MPH courses:
CLIN SCI 301 Topics in Molecular Medicine
CLIN SCI 303 Drug Development Process
PUB HLTH 390 International Public Health I
PUB HLTH 392 International Perspectives on Violence: Public Health and Law
PUB HLTH 412 Control and Prevention of Infectious Disease in Public Health
PUB HLTH 413 Public Health Nutrition
PUB HLTH 414 Violence as a Public Health Problem
PUB HLTH 421 Intermediate Biostatistics and Epidemiology I
PUB HLTH 422 Intermediate Biostatistics and Epidemiology II
PUB HLTH 431 Basic Decision Analysis
PUB HLTH 432 Technology Assessment in Health Care
PUB HLTH 433 Health Economics: Principles and Applications for Public Health
PUB HLTH 434 Data Analysis Techniques for Health Services Research
PUB HLTH 441 Ethical Issues in Clinical Research
PUB HLTH 442 Artificial Epidemics and Changes in Human Culture
PUB HLTH 444 Advanced Decision Analysis
PUB HLTH 445 Writing and Peer Reviewing for Publication
PUB HLTH 446 The Design, Conduct, and Analysis of Clinical Trials
PUB HLTH 499 Independent Study
PUB HLTH 523 Chronic Disease Epidemiology
PUB HLTH 525 Molecular Epidemiology
HEMA 441 Health Policy
HEMA 445 Advanced Health Policy
HEMA 451 Legal Issues in Health Care Delivery
HEMA 453 Managerial Challenges in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device Industries
HEMA 455 Special Topics in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device Industries
Total MPH course units 14
Total required units for the combined PhD/MPH Degree 21

* (0, 1 or 2)
** Two of these DGP courses may be double counted toward both the PhD and MPH degrees.

Other PhD Degree Requirements:

  • Examinations: PhD qualifying examinations during second year of study
  • Research/Projects: laboratory research based on dissertation research proposal
  • Thesis prospectus: written thesis proposal and presentation to thesis committee in Fall of third year
  • PhD Dissertation: written dissertation; annual presentation of research-in-progress to thesis
  • Publication: portion of PhD thesis work in peer-reviewed journal
  • Final Evaluation: dissertation defense, consisting of written dissertation, public presentation of research accomplishments, and oral defense of dissertation to thesis committee
  • Other: three laboratory rotations in first year, intended to assist student in selecting dissertation research advisors; regular participation in seminars and journal clubs; teaching assignment one quarter in third year.