JD/PhD Combined Degree Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School's Policy Guide.


The JD/PhD program is designed to allow students to complete the entire program (including the dissertation) in as few as six years. Students will typically follow this enrollment pattern:

Year 1 Graduate School course work (TGS full-time)
Year 1: Summer Graduate School research
Year 2 Graduate School course work (TGS full-time)
Year 2: Summer Graduate School research
Year 3 Law School course work
Year 3: Summer Graduate School and/or Law School research (TGS 500)
Advancement to candidacy before start of year 4
Year 4: Law School and Graduate Assistantship or TA
Year 4: Summer Submission of prospectus before start of year 5 (recommended)
Year 5 Research and writing at the Law School or Graduate School, with teaching experience and up to 6 hours of additional law school coursework at the Law School permitted 
Year 5: Summer Research (TGS)
Year 6 Writing and completion of dissertation (TGS 500)

Credit Distribution

Students must meet coursework requirements of the Law School and the participating department of The Graduate School. In total, 85 credits are required for the JD degree of which a minimum of 72 hours must be fulfilled through Law School-specific coursework as follows. During their two years in residence at the Law School, students must complete 59 credit hours of Law School classes. Additionally, the Law School will apply 12 hours of Senior Research credit upon completion of the dissertation.  The remaining 14 hours of credit will be applied by the Law School upon completion of 14 hours of law-related interdisciplinary graduate coursework during the first two years in residence at the Graduate School.

Dissertation Committee Composition

Students in the JD/PhD program are required to have a dissertation committee that includes at least one faculty member from the Law School. 

Awarding of Degrees

The JD and PhD degrees will be awarded concurrently, since completion of the dissertation is a requirement for both degrees within the program format.