Financial Economics Degree Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.

Courses Units
Core Courses  
ECON 410-1,2,3 Microeconomics 3
ECON 411-1,2,3 Macroeconomics 3
ECON 480-1,2,3 Introduction to Econometrics 3
Field Sequences 9
Nine Approved Field Courses that must include:
  • At least two courses in Asset Pricing (FINC 585-1,2,3)
  • At least two courses in Corporate Finance (FINC 586-1, 2, 3)
  • Two approved Economics field sequences of at least two quarters each
  • At least one course in Economic History (ECON 420-1 Advanced Topics in American Economic History (or) ECON 420-2 Advanced Topics in European Economic History)
Total required units 18

Other PhD Degree Requirements

  • Examinations: preliminary examinations in economic theory (microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics); oral examination for approval of dissertation prospectus
  • Finance Comprehensive Exam: Students must pass a Finance Competence Requirement. This can be done by achieving a 3.6 GPA across the six finance doctoral courses (FINC 585-1,2,3 and FINC 586-1,2,3), or by passing a comprehensive Finance exam. The Exam takes place at the beginning of the summer quarter of the second year, typically in June.

  • Research/Projects: two research papers presented in the student seminar (ECON 501) or equivalent

  • PhD Dissertation: original, independent research
  • Final Evaluations: oral dissertation defense
  • Supervised Teaching Experience