Religion and Global Politics Certificate Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.

To participate in the Religion & Global Politics certificate program, students receive the permission from the Director of Graduate Study in their program, and must declare their affiliation to the co-directors of the certificate program. To obtain the Religion & Global Politics certificate, students must complete five graduate courses: two core courses and three electives. Students are required to take two core courses in methods: one in Religious Studies and one in Political Science; and three electives from among a list of approved certificate elective course offerings compiled by the certificate administrators. 

Required Courses

  • Rel 481-1: Classical Theories of Religion: Theory and Method or
  • Rel 481-2: Contemporary Conversations in the Study of Religion
  • Poli Sci 408: Interpretive Methods in the Study of Politics or other graduate methods class in Political Science as approved by certificate administrator

Elective Options

  • Poli Sci 490 (20): Special Topics in Political Science: Religion and Politics
  • Poli Sci 464: Contemporary Political Thought
  • Poli Sci 490: Critical Theory and the Study of Politics
  • Rel 482: Themes in Comparative Religion
  • Rel 462: Topics in American Religious History & Contemporary Practice: Lived Religions
  • Rel 318: Topics in East Asian Religions: Religion and Politics in the People’s Republic of China (undergraduate seminar, would need to be taken for graduate credit)
  • Anthro 474: Seminar in Religion and Values (Anthropology of Scriptural Religion)
  • Anthro 490: Language and Law (also Anthro 378: Law, Culture and Language)
  • History 405: Seminar in Historical Analysis: the Historical Study of Religion
  • Communications 525: Problems in Communication Studies: Language and Power
  • Rhetoric & Public Culture (Communications): Culture and Critical Theory; Publics in a Global Context
  • Soc 476: Special Topics: Religion and Modernity
  • Other graduate courses approved by certificate administrators