Mellon Cluster Nominee Flow Diagram 2014

Mellon clusters create multidisciplinary communities of students and faculty with methodological, topical, theoretical, and/or regional interests in common. They are "second homes" that enrich PhD students' knowledge, networks, and intellectual range. Twenty PhD programs in the humanities and non-quantitative social sciences are eligible to nominate applicants to the Mellon clusters. Applicants to these programs have the option of indicating an interest in a particular cluster, in which case they add a "Cluster Statement" to their application package. PhD admissions committees evaluate applications and nominate a subset for Mellon fellowships; in some cases these are applicants who did not initially indicate a cluster preference; in other cases admission committees redirect the nomination to a cluster not indicated by the applicant. The objective is to make the best matches of applicants to the clusters, for which on-the-ground knowledge is an asset. A subset of these nominees are awarded Mellon Fellowships and then are jointly recruited by a PhD program and a cluster. The final column shows which PhD programs are the home base for Mellon Fellows beginning their PhD studies in 2014 (N=40). All students are encouraged to participate in clusters, as applicable, and can join at any time, though only those identified through this nomination process receive Mellon Fellowships with the corresponding $2500 research grants.

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