Energy and Sustainability Cluster Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.

A. Coursework Requirements

A Fellow is required to take two ISEN core courses in the three consecutive quarters of the Fellowship as follows: 

ISEN 410 – Topics in Contemporary Energy & Climate Change (Fall)

Synopsis: The increasing worldwide demand for energy presents a number of complex interdisciplinary challenges, from oil depletion to global warming.  This class will challenge students to answer the question, How shall we power the world in the 21st century?  Students will examine the history and geography of energy use; links between energy and climate change; and technological, economic and environmental benefits and drawbacks of various energy sources.  

ISEN 430 – NUvention: Energy (Winter)

Synopsis: NUvention: Energy is one of an expanding NUvention portfolio of topically focused cross-campus entrepreneurship programs.  Over an intense quarter, graduate students from schools across campus will come together in interdisciplinary teams to develop a product or service and a business in the burgeoning sustainable energy industry.   By simulating the product/service and business development process, NUvention Energy helps students develop creative, interpersonal, business, and technical skills.  Students benefit from interaction with NUvention: Energy’s Advisory Board of business leaders in the sustainable energy field.

B. Other Required Participation

A Fellow is required to grade or TA one undergraduate ISEN course (at the level of 5-10 hours per week) for one quarter.  

C. Additional Optional Courses

The Fellows are encouraged to take, on an optional basis, additional courses with energy or sustainability topics offered by other departments and programs. ISEN maintains a comprehensive listing of these courses on the ISEN website.