Nomination Procedures

Below are the procedures and requirements to nominate an outstanding member of our TGS community for a Ver Steeg or McBride Award.

Ver Steeg Award

All members of the graduate faculty, including emeriti, at Northwestern University who work with TGS master's and/or PhD students are eligible to be nominated for this award. Nominees are evaluated for the quality of the guidance and mentoring they provide to TGS students, as well as their exceptional contributions to graduate education. This may include:

  • Organizing and providing a supportive environment for research and scholarship, including teaching and modeling ethical and responsible conduct, careful advising, and instruction in teaching
  • Enhancing students’ academic and professional skills in presenting, writing and publishing, and in preparing fellowship applications and grants
  • Sponsoring students’ entry into the academic and professional community of the discipline
  • Guiding students in administrative, organizational, and professional matters
  • Helping students achieve postdoctoral and career placement and professional successes
  • Serving as a role model in successfully mentoring and training TGS students to effectively supervise and mentor others

All Northwestern University staff members who work with TGS master’s and/or PhD students are eligible for this award. Staff nominees are evaluated for consistent and outstanding academic and administrative support of TGS students. This may include:

  • Fostering a departmental climate of support
  • Contributing to innovative programs
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Supporting TGS students in their academic, professional, and personal development


Please complete this form to nominate an outstanding graduate faculty and/or a staff member.

Deadline: February 15, 2019

McBride Awards

TGS students and postdoctoral trainees are eligible for these awards. These awards recognize recipients who go above and beyond in any or all of the areas of diversity, service, and engagement to create an environment that is welcome to all. Examples of outstanding work in our TGS community include:

  • Participation in diversity initiatives
  • Providing an innovative service or support to The Graduate School community
  • Engaging The Graduate School partners in creative ways
  • Fostering an environment of inclusion
  • Contributing to innovative programs
  • Supporting peers in their academic, professional, and personal development


Please complete this form to nominate an outstanding TGS student and/or a postdoctoral trainee.

Deadline: February 15, 2019