Graduation and Diploma Mailing

17.1 Degree Awarding

Degrees are awarded in December, March, June, and August. Students should refer to the Master's Degree Completion and PhD Degree Completion pages for filing requirements.

Deadlines for filing for graduation can be found on the academic calendar.

17.2 Diploma Mailing

Diplomas are mailed to the address indicated on the Application for Degree form. If the diploma mailing address changes between the time the form is submitted in CAESAR and diploma mailing, students should send an email to Student Services indicating the new mailing address. Diplomas are mailed approximately four to six weeks following the date of degree awarding:

Degree Awarded Diploma Mailed
December end of January - early February
March end of April - early May
June end of July - early August
August end of September - early October

17.3 Certificates of Completion

Students who require proof of degree completion prior to the date of degree awarding or prior to diploma mailing may request a Certificate of Completion. Assuming all degree requirements have been met, a Certificate of Completion can be generated in 1-2 business days. To request a Certificate of Completion, students should:

Following the date of degree conferral, confirmation of degree completion can be requested via an official transcript through the Office of the Registrar.