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A Message of Support for our Graduate Community

Dear TGS students and postdoctoral trainees,
As I step into my new role as interim dean of The Graduate School and interim associate provost for graduate education, I want to take a moment to express how much I look forward to collaborating with all of you to foster and provide an inclusive experience for all graduate students and postdoctoral trainees at Northwestern University.
We find ourselves in unprecedented and difficult circumstances. While the coronavirus pandemic is creating angst and uncertainty in our personal and professional lives, we are experiencing the insidious and damaging impacts of structural racism and intolerance across our communities and within society. This is especially true in the Black community, which has been shaken to its core by acts of murder and violence. We must each look to ourselves, and to one another, and be motivated to sustain an environment of understanding, empathy, and support that allows everyone to reach their full potential. This, after all, is at the heart of what we stand for as a school and University.
I will be working alongside Damon Williams, assistant dean of diversity and inclusion, Lauren-Ashley Buchanan, associate director for student life, TGS’s Diversity and Advisory Council, and our dedicated TGS leadership team and staff as there is much I do not know and need to learn. Please be assured that we remain steadfast and united in our mission to cultivate an environment that values diverse backgrounds, approaches, and perspectives—all essential ingredients for true academic excellence.
Kelly E. Mayo
Walter and Jennie Bayne Professor of Molecular Biosciences
Interim Dean of the Graduate School and
Interim Associate Provost for Graduate Education
Northwestern University

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