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Registration Guidelines for Summer 2020

Below are guidelines regarding summer enrollment for students in The Graduate School. If you have questions that are not answered below, please email

Summer 2020 registration opened Monday, May 18. Students may register themselves in CAESAR through Friday, June 26. 

1. PhD and master’s students who receive funding in the form of a tuition subsidy and stipend MUST register full time (3-4 units) for Summer Quarter.
  • Funded PhD students typically enroll in 3-4 units of a departmental 590 research registration or TGS 500. TGS 500 units cannot be adjusted but the registration provides full-time status.
  • Funded MFA students typically enroll in TGS 588 (Resident Master’s Study) or a combination of coursework and departmental 590 research registrations.
  • Any funded student who is enrolled in a language and/or other course, and is below 3 units, must supplement their registration with a departmental 590, TGS 500, or other registration in order to achieve full-time status. Students should ensure they are enrolled full time (3-4 units) in order to receive summer funding. For information on how to edit existing enrollment and add units, click here. If students receive an error message for having exceeded the unit load when registering, they can email Student Services for assistance.
  • Note: students who will receive their final stipend payment in June 2020 are not required to register unless they meet the criteria below.

 2. PhD and master’s students who are not funded do not need to enroll for summer quarter unless they are:

Unfunded students who require summer registration typically enroll in TGS 512. Students in TGS 512 are not charged the TGS activity fee nor are they eligible for the U-Pass.