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Hartwell Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

The primary mission of The Hartwell Foundation is to stimulate discovery in early-stage biomedical research that has not qualified for funding from traditional sources and that has the potential to benefit children of the United States.

Each year the Hartwell Foundation grants ten Individual Biomedical Research Awards.  For every Award, the institution receives a Fellowship to fund one postdoctoral trainee. Congratulations to Dr. Amanda Saratsis, neurological surgery and biochemistry and molecular genetics, who received a 2019 Hartwell Individual Award!  As such, they are pleased to announce this call for applications for The Hartwell Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship.

The Fellowship will support scientists and biomedical engineers who are still in the early stages of career development and it must be used to pursue further specialized research training, not to extend or complete clinical training. The Fellowship should support “applied” research (with near possibility of translation).  The nominee should exemplify the values of the Foundation, and the research should be consistent with the goals and mission of the Foundation. 

The Fellowship will provide support for two years at $50,000 direct cost/year and will be funded yearly in July.  Funds may be used for salary, health insurance, or travel related to a scientific meeting, but not for the purchase of supplies or equipment or other fringe benefits. No part of the Fellowship may cover institutional overhead or other indirect costs.


  • Hartwell Fellows must hold a PhD or equivalent doctorate and be citizens of the United States.
  • The Fellowship mentor may not be a Hartwell Investigator currently funded as a recipient of an Individual Biomedical Research Award.
  • Fellows must commence their postdoctoral training no later than November 1 in the same year, or risk that the Foundation may rescind the Fellowship to the Institution.

Limit on Number of Proposals Per Organization

One postdoctoral fellow from Northwestern University may be funded through this program.

Key Dates

  • Internal Proposal Due: Wednesday, May 6
  • Notification by: Tursday, May 28
  • Documentation Due to Hartwell: Tuesday, June 30

Submitting an Internal Proposal

To be considered for this fellowship, you must submit an internal proposal containing the following required components:

  1. Cover Page (1 page limit): Include (only) the following components:
    1. ​Descriptive title
    2. Your name, email address, phone number, department
    3. Your PI's name 
    4. Statement confirming that you are a U.S. citizen and that your postdoctoral training will commence no later than November 1, 2020.
  2. Proposal (1 page limit): Clearly articulate the proposal to colleagues outside your field. Specifically address why the research is early-stage, innovative, and cutting-edge; and how the research will potentially benefit children of the United States; also explain how the Hartwell Fellowship will advance your professional goals.
  3. NIH biosketch (5 page limit).
  4. Recommendation letter from your PI.

The proposal should be prepared as a SINGLE PDF FILE. It should be named "LastName-FirstInitial-Hartwell-Postdoc-2020", replacing "LastName" with your last name and "FirstInitial" with your first initial.

Uploading the Internal Proposal

  1. Submit your internal proposal by completing this web form. Note: Supplemental documents are not accepted.
  2. To receive a confirmation email and copy of your submission, check the box (“send me a copy of my responses”) and enter your email address.
  3. Click “Submit”.

Contact and Additional Information

Karen Cielo, Interim Director, 847-467-0043,
Click here to view the limited submissions website.

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