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Job Openings at Phillips Academy

The English Department and History and Social Science Department at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts is currently seeking to fill positions in both departments. Phillips Academy is committed to fostering a global, diverse and inclusive academic community.

Located half an hour north of Boston, Andover is a coed, residential secondary school with approximately 1,100 students. They come from 43 states and territories and 52 countries around the world. Admission is need-blind and extremely competitive. This year they saw an admit rate of 13% and a yield of 83%. Over 47% of the student body identifies as students of color. 48% percent receives need-based financial aid, with an average grant of $40,800. To serve these extraordinarily talented students—who tend to be not only brilliant but also open-minded, intellectually engaged, and hardworking—they offer an unusually rich and rigorous academic program. The faculty is excellent and deeply involved in the life of the school. 25% identifies as faculty of color. Their library houses 120,000 volumes and provides access to three million more; they also have a formidable art museum on campus, the Addison Gallery of American Art.

 Both departments comprise a diverse and dynamic group of committed teachers, approximately half women and half men, almost all of whom hold the MA and several of whom hold PhD's. The English Department has 32 members, of whom 28% identify as faculty of color and the History and Social Sciences Department has 21 members, of whom 33% identify as faculty of color.

Although teaching stands at the center of the work at Phillips Academy, many of faculty members continue to publish creative work and articles of scholarship. Many teachers have retired in the past few years and they have replenished their ranks with scholars that have challenged, in the best ways, longstanding notions of how they teach history and literature. They hope to imbue in their students an enduring appreciation for the humanities. They have substantial control over their working lives and courses. During the summer especially, faculty members can take advantage of the world-class universities nearby, and professional development is supported generously by the school. Every year Phillips Academy hosts several distinguished writers and scholars, and there is increasing opportunity to work with colleagues across disciplines.Most importantly, their faculty is distinguished by the close relationships they develop with the young scholars they teach everyday.   

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If you have questions about the English Department, please email  If you have questions about the History and Social Sciences Department, email

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