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Dean's Postdoctoral Fellowship at Harvard Medical School

The Harvard Medical School is now accepting applications for the Dean’s Postdoctoral Fellowship (DPF), a two-year research fellowship established to nurture, advance, and retain a diverse scientific workforce that will continue to contribute to diversity through their ongoing academic and research scholarship.  The fellowship program prepares scientists from groups historically underrepresented in the basic and social sciences for careers in academia and other sectors. Fellows benefit from a highly innovative and creative research environment that emphasizes scientific rigor, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence in science.


The two-year fellowship provides funding in the amount of $50,000/year, and DPF fellows are eligible for Harvard’s generous benefits package. They receive additional opportunities for career enhancement, mentorship, seminars, workshops, and conferences, along with a robust support network, through the Harvard Medical School Scholars in Translational and Academic Research (HMS STARs) program. 


  • Have an MD, MD/PhD, PhD, ScD, or equivalent degree in the basic or social sciences.
  • Have United States citizenship or permanent resident status.
  • Come from a background that is historically underrepresented in the basic and social sciences.
  • Have no more than two years of postdoctoral experience. 

Eligible DepartmentsFellows conduct research with faculty within the basic and social science departments at Harvard Medical School. Applicants are encouraged to reach out to a faculty member or research laboratory within the basic and social science departments and discuss their interest.

Application Process

The online application for the Dean’s Postdoctoral Fellowship is available on the DICP website

Applicants need to submit the online form, which includes a cover letter, CV, and a statement that makes the connection between the mission of the Fellowship and their research interests and professional goals.


Three letters of recommendation are required, one of which must be from the applicant’s thesis advisor. For those who have held a postdoc position, the second letter must be from their postdoc advisor.


Applications are currently accepted on a rolling basis, with the recommendation that they be submitted at least 4 months ahead of the candidate’s anticipated start date.


Applications are reviewed by a committee comprised of Harvard Medical School faculty and administrators. Fel­lows are selected on the basis of their demonstrated aca­demic achievement, scholarly promise, commitment to research, potential to add to the diversity of the Harvard Medical School community, and the likelihood that the in­dividual may become an independent scientist and societal leader who, upon the completion of the fellowship, will continue to contribute to diversity through their ongoing academic and research scholarship.

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Lyn Fulton-John, Program Manager, Dean’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at or by phone at 617-432-9051 with any questions they may have.

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