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CCST Science Fellows Program

A limited number of California’s state decision makers possess backgrounds in science, engineering, or technology. Despite this, they are asked to make critical decisions on a number of issues that require an understanding in these areas, such as our water supply, the state’s energy grid, and overall environmental policy.

To address the challenge this represents, each year the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) Science Fellows program recruits a corps of fifteen PhD scientists and engineers. These Science Fellows spend one year in Sacramento, directly serving decision makers within the California State Legislature and Executive Branch.

Working as staff, these scientific minds get a front-row seat learning about the craft and process of policy making in the State of California. CCST Science Fellows work alongside decision makers to evaluate complex scientific issues, interpret data, while tackling the responsibilities of full-time staffers.

These talented individuals gain valuable experience and training in public service. In turn, state decision makers are given access to science-savvy staff members, helping them to craft fact-based policies.

The CCST Science Fellows program is a win-win for California. By embedding PhD scientists directly within the state legislature and executive branch, we inform policy discussions with scientific perspectives and expertise.

Interested students are invited to apply by Sunday, March 1.

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