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Free Couples Workshops from the Family Institute at Northwestern University

The Family Institute at Northwestern University is looking for volunteers to attend free workshops designed to help couples learn new skills to maintain healthy and satisfying relationships. This is a great opportunity to learn ways to strengthen your relationship based on the latest research! They will be holding five types of workshops:

  • Maintaining trust and emotional closeness in your relationship
  • Keeping your sex life satisfying over time
  • The best ways to support each other during hard times
  • Maintaining respect for & acceptance of each other over time
  • Maintaining strong conflict management and conflict recovery skills

Each workshop includes six hours of content delivered in one to three sessions (one per week over three weeks, or one full day) with three to four couples per workshop. They ask that you participate in only one workshop. At the end, they will ask you to share your thoughts on what was helpful and what could be improved. Workshops will be held in one of  The Family Institute at Northwestern University locations (Evanston, Millennium Park, or Northbrook).

If you are interested in attending one of their workshops, please send with the following information to Hayley Fivecoat, PhD:

  • Names (both partners must be willing to attend)
  • Emails, phone and preferred method of contact
  • Preferences for which workshops you’d like to attend
  • Location preferences
  • General availability to attend workshops (days vs. evenings, weekends vs weekdays).

They look forward to hearing from all interested couples!

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