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Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities from the Searle Center

The Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching's Graduate and Postdoctoral Learning has a variety of professional development opportunities for graduate students planned for the fall quarter. Please see below to learn more about upcoming opportunities.

Office of Equity 101: Understanding Title IX and Your Reporting Obligations

Are you hoping to learn more about your reporting responsibilities under the Policy on Sexual Misconduct? Have questions about Title IX? Want a better understanding of the resources available to people affected by sexual misconduct at Northwestern? Come to this interactive session led by Kate Harrington-Rosen, Equity Outreach and Education Specialist, who will clarify your rights and responsibilities as a TA under the Policy on Sexual Misconduct, what types of conduct need to be reported, what happens after a report is made, and where and how to make a report.

This event is co-sponsored by the Office of Equity and the Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching's Graduate and Postdoctoral Learning.

Tricks of the Trade: Facilitating Active and Inclusive Discussions

This workshop will help TAs develop strategies for leading effective discussion sections. We will address common challenges and discuss ways of addressing those challenges in the classroom. TAs will be exposed to different facilitation approaches as well as concrete participation guidelines. TAs will come away with a drafted “participation policy” of their own that they can use in their classes as well as a list of resources for receiving feedback on their teaching.

Writing Effective Teaching Statements: Getting Started

In this workshop, participants will learn about the characteristics of successful teaching statements and engage in the Generative Knowledge Interview process, which uses key moments as learners and teachers to help frame the value of teaching in their teaching statements. Participants will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of the conventions of strong teaching statements and generated content for a teaching statement draft. The workshop is open to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from all departments and disciplines, at all stages of drafting their teaching statements.  This is a highly interactive workshop. Writing and discussing with peers is expected of all participants

Incorporating Classroom Assessment Techniques into Course Design

In this workshop attendees will gain familiarity with classroom assessment techniques (CATs), how to pair them with specific learning objectives, and apply them to different teaching contexts. Attendees will explore how low-stakes in-class activities can help gauge students’ comfort with material and the efficacy of teaching practices.

Writing Effective Teaching Statements: Peer Review

Teaching statements are an important component of many academic job applications, but they can be challenging to write. Receiving feedback from peers can provide you with recommendations on how to clarify and improve your main claims about your teaching. Allowing others to read your writing can also give you critical insight into how your target audience may understand and interpret your claims, which can help further refine your teaching statement.

In this workshop, participants will bring their teaching statement drafts and engage in guided peer feedback. This workshop is open to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from all departments and disciplines who have a draft of their teaching statement.

Teaching International Students: Diversifying your Classroom

With a growing number of international students, classroom environments are becoming more diverse. When designing a course, embracing different cultures and background knowledge can be challenging. From this workshop, participants will learn how to acknowledge and bridge the differences international students bring into the classroom and to improve classroom climate.  

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