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Upcoming TGS Deadlines for Grants

TGS deadlines for multiple grants are quickly approaching. Please see below for more information and apply before it's too late!

TGS Co-Sponsorship Grant

Deadline: Monday, October 8

The TGS Co-Sponsorship Grant is intended to assist graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, staff, and other units in co-sponsor events, programs, and/or initiatives that clearly benefit postdoctoral fellows and graduate students in The Graduate School. Successful applications will articulate goals that are aligned with The Graduate School’s strategic priorities and will make a clear and compelling case for how graduate students and/or postdoctoral fellows will directly benefit from the event or program.

For more information on the TGS Co-Sponsorship Grant click here.

Graduate Research Grant (GRG)

Deadline: Monday, October 15

The Graduate Research Grant (GRG) is intended to help PhD and MFA students, in historically underfunded disciplines meet expenses related to scholarly research and creative endeavors. A student may receive up to $3,000 during his or her graduate career at Northwestern. Applicants who have applied before and have not received an award may apply again.

For more information on the Graduate Research Grant click here.

Digital Humanities Research Grant

Deadline: Monday, October 15

The Digital Humanities Research Grant is intended to enable PhD students in the humanities to access specialized training. Awards up to $2,500 will be granted to assist PhD students requiring training in digital technologies directly in support of dissertation research.

For more information on the Digital Humanities Research Grant click here.

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