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2018 Balzan Prizes

Applications for the 2018 Balzan Prizes from the International Balzan Foundation are now open. They will be awarded in the following subjects: 

Social Anthropology, Global History, Fluid Dynamics, and Chemical Ecology. 

Each of the four Balzan Prizes is worth 750,000 Swiss francs. Half of the prize sum will be award to the Prizewinner in recognition of his/her work, while the other half will later be earmarked by the prizewinner for research projects involving young researchers or research groups. The research proposal will be subject to the approval of the General Prize Committee. 

All nominations must be supported by the following documents:

  • a statement of reasons for the nomination, including mention of particularly important publications;
    for candidates in the social sciences and the humanities, a bibliography, including the aforementioned publications, citing publisher and publication year, and adding translations of original titles should there be works translated into other languages;
  • a list of 10 to 20 of their most important publications (with full bibliographical citation) for candidates in the sciences;
  • a curriculum vitae specifying present position, main academic activities, date and place of birth, nationality, residence and address;
  • a recent photograph (high resolution, jpg by email to with indication of copyright if applicable.

It is to be noted that more than one candidate may be nominated for each prize subject. Furthermore, they do not necessarily have to be part of the institution of the individual making the nomination, nor of the same nationality.
Personal applications will not be considered.

To be eligible, candidates must be nominated by the university. Please submit all of the above documentation to TGS at by March 8, 2018

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