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Apply for the Buffett Institute's Graduate Student Organized Conference Grant

About this grant

This grant funds a two- or three-day graduate studentinitiated and organized conference on an international or comparative topic with relevance to contemporary political, economic or social issues.

The conference will bring together advanced graduate students from North American universities to present and discuss their research. Prominent faculty in the topic area will provide commentary on papers and participate in a closing roundtable.

The goals of this grant program are to:

  • Improve the quality of graduate student research and give access to leading scholars
  • Position Northwestern graduate students as leaders in defining research programs and building the networks of graduate students and faculty within research communities
  • Build networks of graduate students from around the country who have benefitted from Buffett Institute support

Possible formats for the conference include six graduate student panels over three days. For example: introduction and two panels on Friday afternoon, three panels on Saturday, and one graduate student panel and a faculty round table on Sunday. Six panels can also be distributed over two days.


Award details

The Buffett Institute will provide the successful proposal with a grant of up to $30,000 for the cost of the conference. This grant will cover travel and lodging for graduate student participants and faculty commentators, as well as meals during the conference. The Buffett Institute staff will also provide limited support for conference logistics (including the arrangement of conference meals, hotel accommodations, and air travel).



PhD students from all Northwestern schools and departments are eligible to apply. Proposals must be submitted jointly by three or more students from two or more different departments or schools, and conference themes should involve inter- or multi-disciplinary topics.

Applicants must be affiliates of the Buffett Institute.


Application details 

Application deadline: April 1.

Apply online using the Buffett Institute FluidReview Application. A decision will be announced by the end of spring.



Questions can be sent to Krzysztof Kozubski.

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