March 25, 2019

Spotlight on Alec Biehl: PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Alec Biehl is an PhD candidate in the Civil and Environmental Engineering program at the McCormick School of Engineering. His research highlights, among other notions, the need to account for the influence of identity and norms on travel-related choices, especially when sustainability-oriented policy necessitates deviation from current habits. Alec currently serves on the executive boards of the Graduate Leadership & Advocacy Council (GLAC) and the McCormick Graduate Leadership Council (MGLC). He is the current communications coordinator for the Social and Economic Factors of Transportation committee within the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies. His work was recently featured by the Association for Psychological Science and Smart Cities Dive, among various other outlets.

March 11, 2019

Spotlight on Dolores Díaz: MFA Candidate in Writing for the Screen and Stage

Dolores Díaz is an MFA candidate in the Writing for the Screen and Stage program at the School of Communication. She is a playwright and television writer. Dolores recently completed a television pilot, Border Grammar. In October 2018, Three Cat Productions (Chicago, IL) presented her full-length play, Man of the People. Also in October, MOJOAA Performing Arts (Raleigh, NC) and Nothing Without a Company (Chicago, IL) presented her short play, Appreciation Day. Dolores was a semi-finalist for the 2018/2019 Goodman Playwrights Unit.

February 25, 2019

Spotlight on James Hedrick: PhD Candidate in Chemical and Biological Engineering

James Hedrick is a PhD candidate in the Chemical and Biological Engineering program at the McCormick School of Engineering. His work focuses on the advancement of 3D printing technologies. In addition, he is a co-founder and CEO of CDJ Technologies, a company that aims to revolutionize advanced manufacturing with high throughput 3D printing technologies that take ideas from prototyping to manufacturing in a streamlined, low cost solution. 

February 11, 2019

Spotlight on Harriette Kevill-Davies: PhD Candidate in Rhetoric and Public Culture

Harriette Kevill-Davis is a PhD candidate in the Rhetoric and Public Culture program at the School of Communication. Her primary interest is in artifacts created for and marketed to children, particularly boys, and the ways in which they bring children into political projects to mold them into a particular kind of citizen. Her work focuses on the United States during the Truman era of the Cold War. In addition, she is currently a graduate associate in the Searle Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning.

January 28, 2019

Spotlight on Lauren-Ashley Buchanan, PhD, Associate Director of Student Life for The Graduate School

Associate Director of Student Life Lauren-Ashley Buchanan joined The Graduate School (TGS) at the start of the year. After receiving a bachelor of arts in psychology from Northwestern, Lauren completed her PhD in communication studies at the University of Iowa, where she most recently worked as a visiting assistant professor and research administrator. In her new role with TGS, Lauren serves as the primary liaison to our campus partners and graduate student organizations.

January 21, 2019

Spotlight on Ju Ying Shang: PhD Candidate in Materials Science and Engineering

Ju Ying Shang is a PhD candidate in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the McCormick School of Engineering. She studies low-dimensional electronic materials and how the application of these materials will improve the functionality of electronic devices. She currently serves as president of the Graduate Leadership & Advocacy Council (GLAC).

January 7, 2019

Spotlight on Nayna Agrawal: MFA Graduate in Writing for the Screen and Stage

Nayna Agrawal graduated in May 2015 from the School of Communication with a master of fine arts in writing for the screen and stage. Featured in Variety's "110 Students to Watch" (2015), she is a former analyst, policy writer, international aid director, and touring dancer. In January 2018, Nayna was selected for the Sesame Street Writers’ Room fellowship, an intensive eight-week program designed to highlight and grow underrepresented talent in children’s media. She was recently awarded a creative development deal by Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit, educational arm of Sesame Street.