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Graduate Student Travelers Policies

Created: October 29, 2018

The Office of Global Safety and Security (OGSS) graduate student travel policies page was recently updated to include a definition of university-sponsored graduate student travel and instructions for disclosing such travel to OGSS.

Graduate students traveling internationally under university-sponsorship or support must abide by the health and safety requirements listed on the graduate student travel policies page.

Additional steps apply if visiting a country with an overall U.S. Department of State (DOS) Travel Advisory Level 3 or Level 4, or a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Warning Level 3, Avoid Non-Essential Travel

Definition of Northwestern-Sponsored Graduate Student International Travel

Registered graduate student international travel is considered Northwestern-sponsored if it meets at least one of the following criteria:

The travel is:

  • funded or reimbursed, in full or in part, by Northwestern and regardless of purpose (conference attendance/participation, research or reporting, field studies, practicum, language studies, performance, competition, service learning, etc.);
  • in support of an academic assignment, work product or degree requirement supervised by Northwestern faculty or staff, including field-based or archival research, regardless of whether credit is involved or awarded;
  • directly associated with dissertation research coupled with active TGS 500 or TGS 512 status; or
  • accompanied by a Northwestern faculty or staff member in the capacity of his/her employment.

Please Note: An international student’s short-term trip to one’s home country (while a temporary resident of the U.S.) for research or other academic purposes may be considered university-sponsored.

For further information about the definition of university-sponsored graduate student travel and more information about university sponsored graduate student travel requirements, please click here

If you would like OGSS staff to visit your unit or department to discuss resources and services for graduate student international travelers, please contact Julie Friend