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Freelance Opportunity: Proteintech

Created: August 8, 2018

Company Aim:

Proteintech Group, Inc., the leading manufacturer in antibodies, is seeking to improve its search engine optimization for its antibody targets through updates of its protein background sections. 

Project Aim:

To offer useful information on the target (5-10 targets total) of the given antibody, while improving the relevance of the product page to Google search. Proteintech wants to answer common queries specific to the target that researchers may have before they make a purchase. 

Word Count:

Approx 250 words for each target background

Content & Format:

All the content should be presented in an FAQ format (see example questions below).  

You can be flexible with the questions depending on the target (e.g., if a target plays a particular role in liver cancer, you can modify the question to ‘What is ……….involvement in liver cancer?’). Questions below are not included in the word count for pay unless they are a new question written by freelancer.

Example Questions:

  • What is the function of ….. ?
  • What is the tissue specificity of …..?
  • Post-translational Modifications of …..?
  • What is the molecular weight of …..?
  • What is the Cellular localization of …..?
  • What is ……….involvement in disease? … role in cancer/diabetes/etc? .. role in ... pathway?
  • What are the Isoforms of …..?

If you get stuck on what to write about, you can use the following for inspiration:

  • Search for the target in Google and see what the common related searches are.
  • Search for the target on Research Gate to find common questions/queries.
  • Abcam’s equivalent product page. What content is covered?


  • Ensure all content is properly referenced using the PubMed PMID number.
  • Do not submit any copy and pasted content
  • Save all work as a Word document.


  • $0.10 per word.

To apply, please email Will Olds, PhD, Scientific Officer, at will@ptglab.com

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