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Fall 2018 TGS Student Activity Fee Increase

Created: July 23, 2018

The quarterly student activity fee charged by The Graduate School (TGS) provides services requested by our TGS students, including U-Passlegal services, beverage service in TGS Commons, and student association funding.

Since the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) has raised its fares over the past several years, TGS will receive a substantial increase in our newest contract for graduate student U-Passes, effective September 1, 2018.
To help offset this increase, TGS is raising our student activity fee by $15 per quarter, beginning in the fall of 2018. 
Even though the cost of these services will remain heavily subsidized by TGS, we must increase our quarterly fee to maintain them. The student activity fee has remained the same for the past five years, while costs for services have continued to rise.
Despite the quarterly fee increase, the U-Pass benefit alone will continue to offer TGS graduate students a substantial savings, as shown below:

TGS 2018 Student Activity Fee Per Quarter (effective fall 2018)
(3 months of service)


CTA Monthly Fee
(3 months of service)

$315 ($105/month)

The U-Pass program will remain the same, and services may be used 365 days a year. If you are eligible for and do not currently have a U-Pass, or if your card will expire this month (July 2018), please email tgs-u-pass@northwestern.edu, or call TGS at 847.491.5279 to confirm if we have a card waiting for you to pick up during our normal office hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM).

TGS recognizes how vital these services and resources are to you, and we are committed to making them as affordable as possible. If you have questions regarding this change, please email us at tgs@northwestern.edu.