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Faculty Mentor Training Opportunity

Created: November 29, 2018

In support of excellence in research and research training, the Driskill Graduate Program is hosting a mentor training session on Friday, December 7, from 2:00 - 6:00 PM. This training is based on the Entering Mentoring curriculum – developed and validated by researchers at the University of Wisconsin – was created to help mentors at all levels develop effective mentoring practices. This upcoming DGP session is based on small group discussions during which faculty will consider issues around 1) communication, 2) aligning expectations, and 3) assessing understanding of graduate or postdoctoral level trainees. All three critical elements of effective mentoring relationships.

While DGP faculty have priority, others are welcome to attend as well, whether or not you have current trainees. We particularly recommend that new faculty or faculty taking a student for the first time attend. Preceptors on training grants may hear about this training from your training grant directors. There is a move within the NIH to make this type of evidence-based mentor training required of training grant mentors. 

Please RSVP directly to Pamela Carpentier at pamela.carpentier@northwestern.edu if you are interested in attending. This first session will be limited to ~25 faculty.  If there is more interest, they will consider adding a second session later in the year.  If you are interested but cannot attend on December 7, please let Pam know so she can add you to that list.

Training Grant Director