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Modified: May 19, 2017
Welltended Plants

Welltended is a collaboration between two Northwestern graduate students: founder and CEO Carolyn Snider, a MBA graduate student from Kellogg and plant expert Dan Bruzzese, a recent MSc. graduate from the Plant Biology and Conservation Program.

Welltended is Chicago’s premier houseplant selection and delivery service, providing chic greenery options and modern container designs that are delivered directly to the customer’s home or office.  With the click of a button, their customers select from a collection of easy-to-care-for houseplants available in clean, sleek containers. They know that it can be tough figuring out how to care for a plant, so their goal is to help customers succeed – they provide simple care instructions and customer troubleshooting via text and email for any questions that arise. Additionally, they allow customers sign up for automated reminders to check on and care for their plant. They are currently providing service to the greater Chicago area. Head over to welltended.com to check out the growing selection of houseplants.

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