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TGS Child and Family Resources Student Advisory Board

Modified: September 14, 2017

The Graduate School's Child and Family Resources Student Advisory Board is comprised of graduate students associated with TGS who are parents or planning to become parents whether through childbirth or adoption.

The Board has three roles:

  • The first is to provide ideas and feedback on policies, initiatives, resources and events for TGS students with children. In conjunction with the Family Resource Liaison, members will work collaboratively to understand and address any issues that affect TGS students with children more broadly, including polling fellow students and reporting back to the board.
  • The second is to help create and sponsor social and academic events to improve the quality of life for graduate students with children and their families.
  • The third is to create a group of students that other students can reach out to with questions about being a student parent at Northwestern University in TGS.

The Board meets in person and via tele- or video-conference quarterly throughout the academic year. The Board will also interact regularly via email.


All TGS students with children or expecting children through childbirth or adoption are eligible to participate and invited to apply. We are seeking representatives from across academic disciplines and schools, backgrounds and stages of parenting. Representatives may serve a maximum of two consecutive years in order to allow for others who wish to have an opportunity to participate.

Interested students should complete a brief application by Friday, October 20. Please email lesley.lundeen@northwestern.edu for this application.

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