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National Career Development Consortium for Excellence in Glycosciences (K12)

Modified: April 14, 2017

RFA: HL-18-013 


The objective of this research career program is to create a national Consortium that focuses on career development of the next generation of biomedical investigators in glycosciences. The ultimate goal of the Consortium is to transform and democratize glycosciences from a super-specialized research domain into the mainstream of biology and clinical translation such that glycans become an integral component of future scholars'/investigators' scientific thinking, thus creating a pathway for major scientific breakthroughs specifically in heart, lung, blood and sleep (HLBS) sciences.   

Program Objective

The objective of this K12 career development program is to foster a core of emerging biomedical scientists in basic and applied glycobiology, using a combination of didactic instructions and skills development in laboratory glycosciences within the context of a well-defined and timely translational glycoscience project in HLBS sciences. The goal of this program is to enable a nationwide effort towards translation of knowledge from basic structural glycobiology to applications in clinical medicine relevant to heart, lung, blood and sleep disorders by utilizing advances from structural glycan analysis to manipulation of these complex sugars for the evaluation of their roles as mediators in physiology, disease processes, diagnostics and therapeutics. To accomplish this goal, this FOA will support applications that propose an integrated multi-disciplinary K12 career development program in glycosciences that supports four K12 sites across the nation and that encompasses all facets of glycobiology. 

DEADLINES:       June 29, 2017, by 5:00 PM local time of applicant organization.

Assistance with Proposal Preparation 

The Training Grant Support Office assists faculty in the preparation of institutional training grant applications, including: Data table production involving institution-wide and Training Grant Support Office-tracked data; Proposal development aids; Advice, sharing of best practices, tips and traps; Coordination of special funding/ commitment requests made to The Graduate School in support of the training grant;  and Special training grant-related projects.  Please contact Jennifer E. Hobbs, PhD, Assistant Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Training and Development (jennifer-hobbs@northwestern.edu).

Training Grant Director