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Lawrence Crosby: Science Outside the Lab

Modified: June 21, 2017

This summer, I wanted to step outside the lab to learn about how the work that I do can be leveraged to impact society at large. Science Outside the Lab allowed me to travel to Washington, DC to learn about how science influences policy decisions. Within the United States, a host of actors, including the federal government, non-governmental organization (NGOs), and think-tanks, have significant influence on legislative and regulatory decisions that affect corporations, the military, and civilians alike.

This is a great chance to glean some fresh ideas about scientific engagement, while networking with potential future colleagues and allies.  I am excited to meet other like-minded graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from a host of different programs and institutions, and learn more about things that can't be Googled, like the relationship between the various players in policy-making and the structure of organizations within and outside of the government. I hope to visit several of the great museums to expand my knowledge of our nation's history and the progress made over the years. I’m also interested in meeting and connecting with people who work in the general sphere of influencing policy decisions centered around science.

Through this experience, I plan to hone my ability to communicate my work in science to a broader audience. Engaging and inspiring others to learn and do effective science is one of the best things that I can take away and share with others. I also hope to share some practical knowledge of ways to build the mental bridge between the results of a set of scientific studies and larger implications. 

Lawrence Crosby is a fifth-year PhD student in Materials Science and Engineering, who studies small metal particles that sit on top of other small particles for applications in catalysis, the process of speeding up chemical reactions. He received funding from TGS Graduate and Postdoctoral Professional Development to attend Science Outside the Lab.

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