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Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program

Modified: March 13, 2017

In 2000 the Intelligence Community (IC) Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program was established to fund unclassified basic research in areas of interest to the IC. Funded primarily by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the Program annually funds several Postdoctoral Fellows (Postdocs) from accredited colleges, universities, and U.S. Government laboratories across the country. Members of the IC identify research topics and Postdocs work locally with Research Advisors to develop and submit technical research proposals that align with the topics. The research is conducted by the Postdocs while working in partnership with a Research Advisor, and collaborating with an advisor from the Intelligence Community (IC Advisor).

Ultimately, the IC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program produces state-of-the-art research in disciplines relevant to the Intelligence Community while mentoring a new generation of American scientists. Postdocs who have completed their Ph.D. within the last 5 years are invited to identify a Research Advisor and collaborate in order to submit a research proposal that responds to the published research topics.

Postdocs are expected to complete 2 years of research on their project and will be evaluated after the first year. An optional third year of research may be funded if there is interest from the Postdoc, Research Advisor and IC Advisor. These supplemental research proposals should be submitted after the completion of the first year of research. Additional information is available in the FAQ section of the website.

  • To the Postdoc – a stipend award and insurance supplement ranging from $75,000 to $79,000, depending upon the location of the appointment, as well as a $6,000 travel allowance.
  • To the College, University, or U.S. Government Laboratory – a stipend award of $10,000 is conferred directly to the Research Advisor as well as a $5,000 laboratory allowance.
 The stipend award can be reassigned to the Postdoc as part of their stipend at the discretion of the Research Advisor.
 The laboratory allowance is provided in installments as an organizational stipend that is reported to the Internal Revenue Service as miscellaneous income, prizes and awards, as defined in the IRS Code, Section 74.
  • To the Research Advisor – a travel allowance of $2,000 for IC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program travel. The travel allowance, either all or part, can be re-designated as laboratory allowance at the discretion of the Research Advisor if the Research Advisor will not be incurring any costs for programmatic travel.

Applications are now being accepted and are due by March 31st! Read more about the program and application guidelines on the program website here.

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