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Information from Global Safety and Security

Modified: November 9, 2017

The Office of Global Safety and Security provides support to members of the university community that travel abroad, including both students and employees. Read their updates below.


Winter Break Travel 2017-18

If you are aware of any university-sponsored, non-credit, undergraduate or graduate student travel abroad during the break, please inform the Office of Global Safety ad Security at globalsafety@northwestern.edu so that all pre-departure requirements (or recommendations) can be completed in a timely manner. Please note that students’ personal travel such as vacations or visits home (even if one’s home is abroad) are not considered university-sponsored travel.


2018 Plan Update: Student Health Care Coverage Abroad

Most Northwestern students traveling (with university-support) or studying abroad are covered under the GeoBlue student plan, although some enrollment exemptions apply for study abroad participants with comparable coverage under their program provider. The costs for GeoBlue student coverage in 2018 will increase to $1.66/day or $11.62/week to account for an increase in benefits.


Travel Warnings Destinations

Graduate Students must submit a release to travel to locations on the U.S. Department of State Travel Warning (TW) list, including new TW countries like Cuba as well as frequent destinations such as Jordan and Israel. Employees no longer need to complete a release for travel to these locations, but anyone with concerns is welcome to call their office. Bookmark the Travel Warning page for quick access to the complete list, which changes regularly.

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