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CIRTL at Northwestern Workshop: If you are using one teaching technology in your class, it should be clickers*

Modified: April 3, 2017
Wednesday, April 19, 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Searle Center Library
627 Dartmouth Place
Evanston, IL


Workshop Description:

Clickers, which go by more formal names like Audience Response Systems (ARS), have both supporters and detractors among faculty and students. A strong supporter will lead this workshop and discuss the several benefits of clickers for both the instructor and the class, and what the detractors are missing. They will provide some practical ideas for using clickers, and participants will write at least one clicker question.

Workshop Facilitator:

Professor Robert Linsenmeier is the Institutional co-leader of CIRTL at Northwestern. He has appointments in Biomedical Engineering (McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science) and Neurobiology (Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences) and a secondary appointment in Ophthalmology. Part of his research is in retinal physiology, particularly related to oxygen transport and the microenvironment, and part is in engineering education.

*This workshop is part of CIRTL at Northwestern which strives to advance learning in the STEM disciplines by providing professional development programs for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Create a CIRTL Network Account.

Professional Development, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math