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The Sonic Speaker Series presents Corinee Coen

Modified: March 8, 2016

Please join the SONIC Lab on Tuesday, March 29th at 9:00am in Frances Searle 1-483 to welcome SONIC Speaker Corinne Coen who will present her talk "The New Foundations: Emergence, Constructionism and the New Reductionism".

The science of studying emergence is not well understood among organizational scholars. Scholars often transfer assumptions from variance analysis to this particular application of process analysis. Further, its components parts—emerging, emergent outcomes and their properties—are often confounded leading to muddled thinking. In this paper, I distinguish among these components. Specifically, I discuss the features of complex systems drawing out distinctions between complex vs complicated non-linear systems, constituting vs causing, aggregation, levels, and holism. I draw out the implications of this research approach, emphasizing the paradigm shift required to apply it from other approaches, using examples from organization studies, particularly the Strategy Microfoundations debate.
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