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TGS’s Parental Accommodation Policy Effective September 1

Modified: September 13, 2016

TGS has replaced its former Childbirth Accommodation policy with a new, enhanced Parental Accommodation policy. The new policy supports active graduate students of all gender identities and gender expressions who experience the birth or adoption of a child for whom they have parental responsibilities, providing 12 weeks of leave and a 1-year extension of TGS milestone deadlines. Graduate students who are funded (those who receive tuition and stipend from the University) at the time of the leave are eligible for additional funding during the 12 week accommodation period. This policy is separate from any student absences that are medically necessary due to pregnancy or childbirth, which are accommodated through TGS’s Leave of Absence policy. 

Funded students who used the Childbirth Accommodation policy after September 1, 2015 may qualify for an additional quarter of funding due to policy implementation. To find out more, email Senior Director of Student Services Kate Veraldi.