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Spotlight on the Management for Scientists and Engineers (MSE) program

Modified: October 7, 2016
The Management for Scientists and Engineers Summer Certificate program provides an opportunity for doctoral students from Feinberg, McCormick, Weinberg and the School of Communication to learn business and management practices not frequently taught in the program coursework and research. The program is a partnership between The Graduate School and the Kellogg School of Management, and taught by Kellogg faculty over an eight-week period during the summer quarter. Participants are exposed to business concepts and specific frameworks for effective management relevant to both for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Additionally, they gain a basic understanding of strategy, finance, risk, and uncertainty, marketing, accounting and leadership.

Testimonials from past participants:
“The MSE program gave me a working knowledge of business principles and management skills. I can now think about my research through the eyes of an entrepreneur, which I think will be extremely valuable if I do get the opportunity to be part of a team that is helping bring a new drug to market.” – Jessica Stark, 4th year, Chemical and Biological Engineering
“I applied for the MSE program because I wanted to have a better understanding of the intersection of science and business. Many of the improvements in our standard of living that have occurred over the past century have been due to technological advances that combine a scientific discovery with the business decisions to act upon and create a useful product. MSE appealed to me because it gave me an opportunity to combine my knowledge of science and gain a better understanding of the role that science plays in the broader picture outside of the academy. This is a very valuable program and I would universally recommend it to everyone. Whether you think you ultimately want to go into industry, academia, or something else, what you learn here will both fundamentally help you better understand the world, and allow you to more effectively interact people from any background.” –Spencer Wells, 4th year, Materials Science and Engineering
“The central lesson I took away from this experience was to continue seeking new opportunities to learn and connect with faculty and other experts outside my primary area of research. The MSE program was an excellent opportunity to engage and experience the world of management, which we never think about as scientist. Even more importantly, it was a wonderful way to connect with other students within TGS. Highly recommended!” - Osefame Ewaleifoh, 5th year, Dual Driskill Graduate Program in Life Sciences and Public Health Program (PhD/MPH)
More information is available from TGS and Kellogg on the MSE program and future application cycles for students.