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Seeking Graduate Sidekicks and Team Leaders

Modified: February 8, 2016

The International Office seeks current (international and American) graduate students to volunteer as Graduate Sidekicks* and Graduate Sidekicks Team Leaders for Spring-Fall 2016. 

Graduate Sidekicks serve as peer advisors and mentors to incoming graduate international students.  Team Leaders serve as project managers and training leaders for 1 of 3 Sidekicks teams (Media, Events, or Advice). 

Share your NU knowledge, help new students and gain valuable resume experience!      
More info + apply here to be a Graduate Sidekicks Team Leader by February 8                                                     
More info + apply here to be a Graduate Sidekick by February 12

*Sidekick (noun, informal): a close friend or assistant, who accompanies another on adventures.
Some famous sidekicks: Robin (sidekick to Batman), Ron and Hermione (to Harry Potter), Woodstock (to Snoopy), Joe Biden (to Barack Obama).

Questions? Email Debbie

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