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Graduate Research Fellows Program (GRFP)

Modified: March 11, 2016

On March 8, the NSF Education and Human Resources Directorate announced major changes to the Graduate Research Fellows Program (GRFP).  Specifically, beginning in the current cycle, enrolled graduate students may apply only once.  The rules for undergraduates, bachelor's degree holders without any graduate study, or individuals who have had an interruption in graduate study of at least two consecutive years will not change.  The new rule replaces the old rule that allowed graduate students two chances to apply.  

The Office of Fellowships encourages all undergraduate advisers, mentors, and DUS, and departmental officials to redouble their efforts to encourage our outstanding undergraduates to apply for this prestigious award.  Similarly, graduate advisers, mentors, and DGS should strategize with graduate applicants to determine the best time to apply.  We suggest asking first year graduate students to complete the NSF GRFP application in its entirety, then discuss with advisers and DGS whether the application will be significantly stronger in the applicant’s second year.  In the current cycle, all second year graduate students in eligible departments should apply.

The Office of Fellowships will hold workshops in the Spring as well as the Fall on the following dates.

NSF GRFP Info Workshops

For any questions, please contact Stephen Hill, Senior Associate Director of the Office of Fellowships.